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H1N1 mengganas kembali!

Nampaknya H1N1 muncul kembali. Kes terbaru melibatkan ibu berusia 54 tahun & anak perempuan berusia 29 tahun yang sedang sarat mengandung. Berita macam kat bawah ni:

H1N1: Mother, daughter latest victims


By Annie Freeda Cruez

KUALA LUMPUR: A mother and her pregnant 29-year-old daughter have died from influenza A (H1N1), the latest victims of the disease which has thus far killed 78 in the country.

With the most recent deaths, the toll now stands at 80.

The Health Ministry has been on high alert as fresh cluster cases have been detected throughout the country this past week.

Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said doctors managed to save the 36-week-old baby.

Liow said the pregnant woman was admitted to Malacca Hospital on Tuesday with influenza-like illness (ILI).

"Doctors realised that her unborn baby was exhibiting fetal distress. The woman was treated with Tamiflu while surgeons delivered the baby by Caesarean section.

Maimunah Dimah died on Tuesday at Malacca Hospital

"The woman subsequently suffered complications and was placed in the intensive care unit. She died on Friday.

"The newborn, who is in a stable condition, has tested negative for H1N1."

The woman was identified as Sumarni Mah Nor. The woman's 54-year-old mother, Maimunah Dimah, a diabetic, was also suffering from H1N1. She died in the same hospital on Tuesday.

Both the victims were buried at the Muslim cemetery in Sungai Mati in Muar, Johor.

"The two deaths clearly show how important it is for people in the high-risk category to seek treatment the moment they have symptoms of the disease," said Liow.

"It is not necessary to have fever but if they have all other symptoms related to H1N1, they must go to the nearest government hospital."

He said people with chronic diseases, asthma, diabetes, respiratory problems and kidney failure as well as pregnant women and children must see a doctor the moment they have fever, cough, cold, headache and body pain.

"Those in the high-risk groups are immediately treated with Tamiflu to avoid complications due to their co-morbid health conditions such as chronic diseases and obesity."

Liow warned that delay in seeking treatment could lead to complications and death.

Although no new cluster cases were reported in the past 24 hours, Liow said the ministry was not taking the situation lightly as there had been at least 50 confirmed H1N1 cases every week since last month.


Currently, he said, there were 351 people being treated for ILI in hospitals nationwide and of the number, 28 were confirmed H1N1 positive.

"Five of the confirmed cases are being treated in ICU due to complications."

On the 10 cluster cases reported on Friday, Liow said the district health departments were closely monitoring all the victims.

On Friday, at least 145 students from several schools were reported to be suffering from suspected H1N1. The cases, involving primary and secondary schoolchildren, were reported in Kelantan, Perak, Kedah, Selangor and Malacca.

Another 48 victims included trainees at a national youth institute, residents in Jalan Jasin-Merlimau, staff of Purnama Beach Resort in Pangkor and workers of Madrasah Bustanul Ulum Abu Bakar in Malacca.

Liow said the ministry was waiting for laboratory results to ascertain if they tested positive for the disease.

He said tests on eight pupils of Sekolah Menengah Ampang Pecah, who complained of sore throat and were referred to Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital, revealed that they were not suffering from H1N1.

"We will initiate immediate action so that those with the disease can be treated early and isolated."

Liow called on parents to monitor their children.

"They should not send their sick children to school."

He advised those in the high-risk group to go for free vaccinations at any of the 104 government facilities.

He said details on the government health facilities were available at the Health Ministry's website at

Liow also called on healthcare professionals, especially the frontliners, to get themselves vaccinated.

Sumarni Mah Noh was admitted on Tuesday and died on Friday. Doctors managed to save her baby.
Sumarni Mah Noh was admitted on Tuesday and died on Friday. Doctors managed to save her baby.

So take care of yourself & your loved ones ok...

Sentiasa cuci tangan & bawak hand sanitizer ke mana2 korang pegi. Even kalau korang malas nak pakai mask pun, at least bawak mask yang masih suci bersih ke mana2 supaya boleh digunakan sekiranya perlu...

Dah la semenjak dua menjak ni banyak dengar berita orang2 jauh & dekat meninggal dunia...

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