Friday, April 3, 2009

The letter M & I...

Siap lagi satu tag...


1. What is your name: Moon/Ira

2. Four letter word: Mode/Isle

3. A boy's name: Muhammad/Irfan

4. A girl's name: Maisara/Irdina

5. An occupation: Microbiologist/Interior designer

6. A color: Magenta/Indigo

7. Something you'll wear: Maxi dress/Innerwear

8. A food: Meat/Ice cream

9. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror/Intimate wash

10. A place: Maldives/India

11. A reason for being late: Malaise/Interruption

12. Something you'd shout: Mamma mia!/Insolent child!

13. A movie title: Made of Honor/Intolerable Cruelty

14. Something you drink: Mango juice/Iced coffee

15. A musical group: Motown/Iron Maiden

16. An animal: Mouse/Iguana

17. A street: Jalan Molek/Jalan Inang

18. A type of car: Mercedes/Imperia

19. A title of song : Money Money Money - ABBA/If This Is Love - Take That

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Bantulah Saudara Kita di Palestin. Boikot Israel!


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