Wednesday, February 18, 2009

taking the day off

I just came back from the clinic, & the doctor told me to take a rest at home (haaa ye la tu, rest kat depan PC hihi..).

The reasons I went to see the doctor? I had a bad headache (& I mean really bad, & I still have it but at a lesser intensity), & my lower back was aching terribly. The suspected culprit is my PMS, haiyaaa!!!!

And what's more, my body temperature is a bit high & my blood pressure in in the normal-high range, haiyaaa lagi!!! In simple words, pressure kat borderline la... Usually my blood pressure is in the optimal range, or kadang2 low blood pressure lagi... But this time it was different, huhuhu! Apa macam la orang kurus pun blood pressure boleh terlebih2 ni? Must be work stress ni...

Fortunately, the doctor asked me if I wanted to take the day off without I even sempat to ask him, hehehe... Baiknya doktor tu. Orang memberi kita menerima, ye tak? :D

One of the medicines that the doctor prescribed was Synflex (a type of painkiller), which I am allergic to. I only noticed it when I reached home. But since it was totally my fault (sapa suh tak bagitau doktor awak alergik kat ubat apa, pastu sapa suh tak cek awak dapat ubat apa masa kat kaunter klinik?), I'm not going to make a fuss about it. And since I'm already home, I don't feel like going out again to the clinic to return the medicine. Nak bermalas2an saja di rumah... After this I have to remember to tell the doctors who will be receiving visits from me in the future that I'm in fact allergic to Synflex, so please prescribe another similar medicine oke... Nak tau apa yang jadi bila aku makan Synflex? Muka aku (of all places!) naik rashes dalam masa beberapa jam, tapi bila dah stop ubat tu, punya lah lambat rashes tu nak hilang, lepas 2 minggu baru betul2 clear.

Oke la, since I'm a good patient, I should heed the doctor's advice to get some rest.


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