Thursday, February 12, 2009

A life manual (part 2)

This is a continuation from my posting here.

On education & school:
Carefully Worded Essay
  • Answer an essay question as if you were talking to your parents. -Dean, Sheridan, electronics technician-

On converstion & body language:
Great Minds Laugh Alike
  • At a perty or public event, any person who laughs spontaneously at the same time you do is worth cultivationg as a friend. -Kelly Yeaton, teacher & stage manager-

On joker:
A Bus Ride To Crazytown
  • To avoid lunatics on city buses, sit in the middle. The friendly lunatics sit as close to the driver as they can, and the unfriendly ones sit as far away as they can. -Keith Allan Hunter-
Arguing A Case
  • If you have the facts, pound the facts; if you have the law, pound the law; if you have neither, pound the table. -Jeff Eckard, lawyer & entrepreneur-

On health & body:
Faf Floats
  • It your turds float, there's too much fat in your diet. Review Board-
Menstrual Measures
  • A girl will have reached her full height 18 months after she starts to menstruate. -Hillary Peterson, homemaker-

On relationship & romance:
Never Go To Bed Mad
  • To stay married, patch up your arguments before you go to bed. Review Board-

On pets:
Understanding Cat Tails
  • A cat's tail is a "semaphore". If the tail curls up in the shape of an S, your cat is as happy as a clam. If it's standing straight up, it's saying, "Hi, how are you today?". If the tail is off to one side, your cat wants to play. If it's down to the ground & twitching, it's in a bad mood. -Tonea Altos-

On wild card:
Express-line Etiquette
  • On a "10 items or less" checkout line, multiples of the same product may be fairly counted as a single item. Review Board-

On green living:
Trash Talk
  • The average person generates one ton of garbage per year. -Ellen Marsh, Library Communications Dir. of Cornell University-

On automobiles:
Washing Regularly
  • Always clean your car before taking it in for service. Mechanics are more likely to take advantage of you if your car looks like it needs "everything". Review Board-

On business & sales:
Selling Books
  • Ten percent of bookstore customers buy 90 percent of the books. Ten percent never buy anything. -Dave Ewan-

On career & worklife:
Grilling Drills
  • Interview first for the jobs you care about least - the experience will improve your performance at the important interviews. -John Munschauer, author of "Jobs for English Majors and Other Smart People"-

-the end-

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