Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A life manual (part 1)

Have you heard about this book - "Rules of Thumb: A Life Manual" by Tom Parker? I've read this book in only one night - it was very interesting, I can't put it down! Here are some excerpts which are interesting:

On law & crime:
Ordinance & Subordinance
  • The amount of corruption in a society is directly proportional to the number of laws the society has. -Jim Butter-

On house & home:
Avoiding White Elephants
  • Never buy a kitchen appliance designed for only one kind of food (like a bagel toaster). -Rulesofthumb Review Board-

On wild card:
Passing The Time In A Line
  • The number of minutes you will wait in line at the bank is equal to the number of people ahead of you divided by the number of tellers times 2.75. -Chuck Davis, writer & broadcaster-

On food & drink:
Shopping The Perimeter
  • The most nutritious foods (vegetables, meats, breads) are located around the perimeter of the grocery store; the centre aisles are used for low nutrition, high-profit junk foods. -Bill George-

On education & school:
Guessing With Your Gut
  • Never change your first guess on a multiple-choice question when checking over your answers. The first guess is always the best one. - William H. Smith-

On conversation & body language:
Shouting Yourself Out
  • In Japan, the first person to raise his or her voice loses the argument. -Cally Arthur, editor & communications coordinator-

On business & sales:
Keeping Meetings Short & Sweet
  • The better the agenda, the shorter the meeting. People will focus on the list & be more reluctant to stray when they have a set number of things to accomplish. -S. L. Young, project manager-

On automobiles:
Stopping Too Close
  • If you can't see the license plate of the car in front of you at a stoplight, you're too close. -James Vincent, driving instructor-

On the arts:
Scoring A Good Book
  • To find interesting & popular books in a library, look for the shelf where returned books are stored before they are reshelved. - Andy Steinberg-

On cooking & entertaining:
Food For Safe Keeping
  • Foods that are normally hard are bad if they've turned soft. Foods that are normally soft are bad when they've turned hard. -Herman N. Cohen-

On joker:
Totalitarian Attire
  • The more the local police uniforms resemble military uniforms, the less liberal & democratic that country is likely to be. -Sam Roggoveen, editor of

On math & measurements:
Dividing by three
  • A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3. For example: 1,326 is 1+3+2+6 = 12, & 12 divided by 3 = 4. Thus, 1,326 is divisible by 3. -Catherine O'Doul-

On career & worklife:
Reducing Your Personal Backlog
  • Make a new "to do" list every day from your larger list of projects, goals & things to do. If something gets transferred to the next day's list ten times, drop it. There's a reason you're avoiding the task. Review Board-

On pets:
Feeding Frenzy
  • If your pet fish do not consume their food within five minutes, you have fed them too much. -Rick Broadhead, aquarium hobbyist-

On money & finance:
Keeping A Friend
  • Never loan a friend more than you can afford to give away. -Reed Alvord-

On writing & presentation:
Blog It 'Til You Make It
  • You need to post more than once a week to have any hope of attracting readers to your blog. Daily postings are even better. Review Board-

On health & body:
Clammy Hands
  • If you are too busy to use hot-air hand dryers in public restrooms, your lifestyle is too hectic for your health. -Gerald Gutlipp, mathematician-
to be continued...

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