Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A person's a person, no matter how small...

the title of this posting is a phrase from the animation Horton Hears A Who!, which starred jim carrey & steve carrell (yang jadi bos bengong dalam citer the office tu) as the voices of horton & the mayor. it's a story about horton the elephant who finds a tiny speck of dust with little people on it. he manages to place the speck on a pink flower & promises to help the mayor of whoville (a city on the speck) to move them to a safer place. so horton decides to bring the speck up to a cave on a mountain where it's less chaotic, but his attempts to help the mayor & the people of whoville causes his friends & neighbours in the jungle (especially mama kangaroo, who is a self-proclaimed ketua kampung huahuahua...) to think that he's lost his mind.

horton the elephant & morton the mouse
(aikk? bukan gajah takut kat tikus ke?)

the mayor of whoville in his family's hall of fame

mama kangaroo even instructs vlad the vulture (at least mata aku nampak macam vulture, tatau la kalau burung lain lak...) to destroy the flower because she thinks horton is poisoning their children's mind with something absurd. and so the stupid vlad (kenapa stupid? sebab dia macam ala2 kena tipu dek mama kangaroo sebab kena buat keje tapi tak dapat apa2 upah) searches for horton & destroys the flower (or so he thinks..). actually he only drops the flower in a field full of pink flowers & he assumes that horton will never find it. but horton being a faithful friend & determined to keep his promise, never gives up & finds it after picking 3 millions flowers.

can u see a speck on the flower?

i'm as light as the feather, i'm as light as the feather

so his mission to place the speck on a flower in a cave on a mountain continues. but as soon as mama kangaroo realizes that the flower is still with horton, she gathers every animal in the forest & tells them to catch horton & destroy the flower. horton tells the mayor of whoville to gather his people & make as much noise as they can so the animals can hear them. at the last minute (biasa la ni...), a little monkey heard a tiny squeak from the speck on the flower & whoville is saved. yeay!!!

lessons learnt from Horton Hears a Who!:
1. promises must be kept, tapi jangan la promise nak buat jahat lak.
2. everyone in this world, no matter how small his or her responsibilities are, is important. cuba bayangkan brader2 yang angkat sampah tu mogok taknak keje, kita jugak yang susah kan? even ulat sampah yang kita rasa jijik tu pun ada tanggungjawabnya atas muka bumi ni...
3. we can't totally depend on other people to help us. macam yang kita dah tau, Allah takkan mengubah nasib seseorang/sesuatu kaum unless orang/kaum itu mengubah diri mereka sendiri...

Horton's Hear a Who! is an adaptation from a children's book of the same title by Dr Seuss.

~ A person's a person, no matter how small ~

p/s: wah wah wah!!! asyik tengok movie je aku ni. jangan jeles yerrrr, hehehe... banyak lagi movie dalam simpanan yang aku belum tengok lagi nih.

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